Coupling and Uncoupling

Hook up:

  1. Line up with trailer, stop as rear drives just under trailer.
  2. Chock trailer, check for spring brakes.
  3. Check kingpin, trailer to tractor height, fifth wheel plate angle, jaws open and unlocked, confirm tractor straight and centered to trailer.
  4. Back tractor to kingpin.
  5. Tug on trailer twice, no brake unless start driving away.
  6. Set park brake.
  7. Visually check that fifth wheel release handle is in the lock position and that jaw(s) is / are behind kingpin.
  8. Connect glad hands and light cord.
  9. Push in trailer air supply.
  10. Air up trailer airbags, pick up chock blocks.
  11. Crank landing gear up.
  12. Pull ahead and confirm all trailer wheels turning.
  13. Use trailer brake hand valve (spike) to stop to ensure trailer service brakes working.


  1. Pop red valve.
  2. Chock trailer, drop trailer airbags.
  3. Crank landing gear down to contact ground.
  4. Disconnect glad hands and light cord, put under bungee.
  5. Pull fifth wheel release.
  6. Pull tractor ahead six inches, set park brake, dump airbags.
  7. Confirm separation between tractor and trailer, and stability of landing gear.
  8. Pick up chocks.
  9. Pull tractor out from under trailer, air up airbags.